193 Why Push Others Away?

 193 Why Push Others Away?

About twelve years ago I found myself pushing some of the people I shared the AA Program with for many years, what happened? At first it was clear why some of the people I enjoyed sponsoring chose to move on, yes, we disagreed on some of what’s right and what’s wrong. We had disagreed many times before, and we work through it, why is it different this time? I took a close look at every relationship I could remember before I came into the Program and after. For many years when I believed a person believed in me, thought I was special, we had a deal. When I no longer believed that person believed I was special that called for the beginning of the end. Could that be the cause I pushed my friends and those I sponsored away? Was I too hard on them, which pushed them away? By now, it is clear, I don’t know why. When was the last time I experienced pushing others away? I had reacted to a Spiritual Transformation the same way. Go to our website www.12stepworkbook.org click on workshops then click on Al’s Spiritual Transformation. Now I am sure that is what happened when I thought and felt that all had stop working, and I called everything into question. Instead of my going into detail about Spiritual Transformations, check out our website, it will prove useful at some point in your Program.


1. Have you experienced everyone and everything stopped working as it once did?

2. How did you react?

3. Did you leave the Program?

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