195 Al Kohallek's Pigeon

 195 Al Kohallek’s Pigeon

What should I call someone I Sponsor? It was a common practice for a sponsor to introduce the newcomer as their baby or pigeon, my sponsor chose to call me their baby. I did not care for that title at first; I took it as a put down. Later I understood that I had entered a new way of life, it was as if I were reborn, Spiritually regenerated. I refer to one that I sponsor as a pigeon. When I was growing up I had many pigeons. Some of them I had caught in the open. I would set out birdseed when the pigeon was eating I would approach them very slow, straightforward, not making in quick moves. Once I had the pigeon in hand I would hold it firm and turn it upside down, and they would settle down. We I approach a newcomer I do so very slow, I am straightforward with a simple message. I take my time; I am not in a hurry. Once I have their attention, interest I firmly hold their attention by telling my story. Once they settle down I turn their worldview about alcohol upside down. I may say something like; if you are anything like me you cannot take a drink of alcohol safely, cannot be sure if I can stop drinking or even want to. I gently tell them about the solution I found in this AA way of life. When my visit is over I let them go, if they are willing I will visit again, praying that this person will become a homing pigeon.


1. How did you sponsor introduce you to other AA members?

2. How do you introduce or refer to those you sponsor to other AA members

Random Awakening

Our Father, I ask You; for the greatest gift of all, that I may be in conscious union with Your Will, Your Love, Your Life as You created me.