196 Who is the good hero or heroine?

196 Who is the good hero or heroine?

There are many types of heroes and heroines. The good type hero or heroine does unconditional good for others. It came to me there are two main hero or heroine themes (see 197 for hero or heroine type number two) = Type num-ber one is that person who shares his or her special gifts and talents unconditionally. When our Higher Self is in union with our upgraded personal "reality" we may share the gifts of grace each of have received. We may both give and receive unconditionally love. Because we have experienced healing to some degree we can share that heading. We may share the teaching that we’re taught. We are forgiving to the extent we’re forgiven. We are em-powered beyond our made up blocks and share that ability. We may share the enlightenment as the Divine Wisdom intuitively flows through us. We may enrich others with the abundance given us. We may lovingly communicate in a way that is deeper than words. We awaken to our Higher Power within each of us doing the works we call life. This Number One hero or heroine brings only good, never intentionally harm another. We expand beyond our cur-rent belief in limitation by sharing what we receive. This hero or heroine lives and share the same Divine Path as our greatest Spiritual teachers. "The works I do you will do greater works" Jesus Christ who I believe came to show us the True Hero/Heroine's Path to the Kingdom within each of us. Who came to reveal to us our own Higher Self, that individual soul which our Father created us as? Mother Teresa was a great heroine, demonstrating a devotion, love and service unmatched. This hero and this heroine brought healing, love and compassion deeper than words into this world. Living our mission, our Father’s Divine Design causes us to be our True Self as every day heroes and heroines.


What are the gifts you have received from your good heroes and heroines?

What are some of the main characteristics your good heroes and heroines?

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Am I to continue to “swat at gnats and swallow camels?” Am I to continue to wasting my time and energy on useless and unimportant “stuff”?