197 Who Is Number Two Hero or Heroine ?

197 Who Is Number Two Hero Or Heroine?

There are many types of heroes and heroine but two main themes. This is about type number two. Type number two (see 196 for hero or heroine type number one) is the hero or heroine theme portrayed in movies, producers of pain and suffering. These are the ones who punish the wrongdoers, the bullies, those who prey on the weak, powerless to defend themselves. These heroes and heroines freely use the most common drug; guilt and punishment. They receive great praise and honor for doing for us what we would have like to have done but could not or would not. Vicariously living our violence through type two heroes or heroines. The use of the drug, guilt and punishment is taught to us early in life. Our teachers were those who care for us, passing on what they were taught. This hero or heroine is deeply embedded within us; to change will take the transforming grace of our Higher Power. Now we have a choice to make.


Do you want to keep this type two heroes or heroines, after all it really works?

Which of these two heroes or heroines types do you practice?

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