200 Moosiness To The Rescue

200 Moodiness To The Rescue

When I seem to run out of assets I turn to my defects. I am doing the workshop on radical forgiveness and I could not think of anyone I need to forgive other than myself. The problem with forgiving myself as a plan of action for this workshop we will not address self-forgiveness until the third part of the workshop. I ask the Boss for help and guess what He gave me the perfect subject to work on – moodiness. Now the question is how am I to focus on who I resent other than myself using moodiness? I am reminded that resentment comes from a word which means to re-feel. When I am moody I do re-feel to problem until corrected. The one I resented was the one I blamed for causing my moodiness. It is unlikely that I would know who that person is until it happens. That person could be anyone, for sure it could be the ones I love the most. It would be almost anyone who causes me to change something or do something I was not intending to do. When I accepted my part in this moodiness defect new opportunities opened for me. That enabled me to surrender my moodiness as a defective pattern to my Boss. I could stop blaming and explaining my defect on others. Ownership of this defect helps me to build a more effective early warning system. Now I to practice my mission, our Father's will for me, such as love, healing, teaching, forgiveness. Now I am encouraged to embrace my defects and change. I can surrender them to the Boss opening me up for the grace of a new transformation. For this I am grateful.


1. What are some of your defects that were transformed into assets?

2. Do you find yourself wanting to run away from your defects and change?

3. Have you learned the benefits of embracing your defects and change?

Random Awakening

Have you ever had a burning desire for something and dreamed about it and that dream was so real it was difficult to deal with when you did wake up?