198 Monday Again

198 Monday Again

I love having something to do. Here it is Monday again - and I am still in radical training - and it is clear that my need for training - learning the art of living - loving - serving is not complete - and I do not want it to be complete - I love the adventure and discovery too much - any rise in my consciousness increases my capacity and ability to experience our Father's Will - Way - Truth - so I can worship Him here and now - and see proof of His Presence and Action everywhere in everyone - I can see His good works with the eyes of faith in His grace - and I love it - so I am willing to be patient with my failings.


1. How do you feel about ongoing training, learning?

2. There is an adage = I you are still alive your work is not done – do you agree?

Random Awakening

Discipline is one of those words that turn people off. Do you think of discipline as a character builder? As a tool for realizing the way of life, you want? On the other hand, do you view discipline a penalty imposed for wrongdoing, punishment?