201 Divine Thermostat

 201 Divine Thermostat

We have a built in thermostat – a path to correction. I've had a real breakthrough about the drug guilt and punishment. I am reminded that everything in the Hands of our Higher Power has a good, loving, useful purpose. I was taught early in life by my caretakers "for my own good" about guilt and punishment. I was made to feel guilt and punished for what their personal "reality" caused them to believe to be a "crime." Most often a withholding of love until I got back into their alignment was part of the punishment. I call guilt and punishment a drug, it gives us an illusion; the problem corrected. Like alcohol it acts as a fix not a solution. A Spiritual path awakens me to the reality that guilt and punishment used correctly is not a drug. It is a Divine Thermostat for realigning us with our Higher Power’s will, a loving call for correction. Far from being a punishment or a withholding of love, it’s an expression of love. Our Higher Power has given His angels charge of us to help us get out of any ditch we may fall into. Following His loving guidance I realize that what I've believed most of my life was the misuse of guilt and punishment. This Divine Thermostat is a: Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social guidance system. This loving device will help guide us Home.


1. Are you like most of us in that you experienced the drug guilt and punishment early in life?

2. Do you still use this drug?

3. Are you willing to use guilt and punishment as a thermostat, warning you when you are off the path?

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THE ONLY TIME THERE CAN BE CHANGE IS NOW - The time for change is always now – the only time there is – yesterday is but a memory and tomorrow is not yet a now.