202 His Business

202 His Business

How about a renewed dedication and commitment to go about His business as if it were ours, because it is? In a major change the adage; we must die daily and be reborn each morning takes on a new and deeper meaning. Letting go of our old self-image that we invested years building is hard. We need also to build a replacement indeed it’s like the death and rebirth of our personal "reality." To live our true heart's desire, purpose is the call of our Father within. If we answer that call here and now we’re given all we need to carry out the Holy Grace of our Created Self. Now is the time to recommit to our heart's desire, our higher self with a renewed devotion. Let us make a complete commitment to go about His Business as if it were our business, because it is. Let us go deeper within and join His Presence. We’re energized with a love deeper than words. Let us gather the vine ripe fruit from His Divine Fields within and our labor. Let us nourish ourselves and pass on the remaining abundance with whomever we’re drawn. His nourishment from within fills us, not that from the outside. Of course we will miss the mark for a while, that is why we must practice daily what we believe His will our created purpose. Let us love one another as He loves us here and now.


1. How do you go about a major change?

2. Are you patient with you when you miss the mark?

Random Awakening

When SeaWorld first opened I took one of my grandsons to watch training the whales. I leaned a simple lesson that can be used in most relationship.