204 Let Go Let God

204 Let Go Let God

Today the adage "Let Go and Let God"takes on a much deeper realistic meaning. As I awakened this morning I realized that I am and have been most of my life a worker. That means I am likely to work at praying and meditating and affirming. I work at thinking of ways I can be more effective. I work at taking physical action like writing this. I work at sharing in a loving way. I love it when I say our Father's sacred name so I make a point to do that. I work at what I believe is our Father’s will by sharing in a way that has meaning. I work at sharing my life with others the best I can each day. I wrote all the forgoing to remind myself that I work at life. My hidden motive is the belief that my fulfillment is up to me the do the right thing instead of our Father’s grace. I tell myself, I trust our Father for the results, am I? As part of my morning prep work I turned to Mr. Fox and his Golden Key. It is so simple; stop thinking about the difficulty, whatever it is, and think about God instead. Another part of my prep work is the read Around the year with Emmet Fox. Yes, you got it; today's reading is Let God Let God work through us instead of us doing the works alone and unaided, which is from the outside. When we Let God do the works we are in alignment with the way He creates. Let there be _ _ _ _ _ _ . Let me remember to let our Father express Him Self through each of us as He wills. I choose to do just that and I choose to leave the results to Him. I want to do my little part as I am directed. I want so much to know and do His will that I overdone my part as if it is up to me. In all fairness I have work hard toward what I believe to be His will for me with good intentions. I am dedicated and committed to know and do His will. Yes, we have a part an important one but it must start with putting our Father first and looking to Him for the results. Now is the time for to Let Go and Let God and enjoy my serendipity journey.


1. Have you used the Golden Key, if not why not give it a test-drive?

2. Are you able to trust your Higher Power for all of your needs?

Random Awakening

When I need a conscious contact with my Higher Power, my Higher Self and or my personal "reality" I meditate on, I ponder, I think about and feel out for the Omnipresence within me.