206 Old Wounds

206 Old Wounds

Some old wounds never die they just hide away. Old wounds - the old skin has to shed before the new one can come - some of our old wounds are Spiritual - some mental - some physical - some emotional - some social - there are many reasons these old wounds don't heal and we continue to hold on to them as if they have great value or perhaps the old scars protect us - or make the place of that wound stronger - so the same place will not be easy to wound again - but for whatever the reason it is still holding on to the past and not living in the present in the Presence - we cannot be whole with an open wound - we often need others to help the healing and the Divine Doctor within - if we ask Him for help with all our heart mind and soul He will not turn us down - the outer expression of the healing may come at once or may not reveal itself until it has served its purpose - the results is His Business once we turn it over to Him - holding nothing back - some of our open wounds are buried alive in the deepest part of our unconsciousness that only our Father can heal and He will if we choose to let Him - I must have chosen wrongly in the past and I take responsibility for that choice but I can choose once again - and I now choose to surrender all of me - known or unknown - seen or unseen - heard or unheard - do with me as You will - give me the gift of the ability to stay out of Your way - I am Your son and a loving brother to all.


1. How do your deal with your old wounds?

2. Are you willing to own them and surrender them over to your Higher Power?

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