208 Prayers Of The Heart


208 Prayers Of The Heart

Beware of outlining your prayers – you may miss the answer. In principle I know that our Father always answers the prayers of our heart, but if I have to have it in my predetermined way or form even if I just know He would fulfill my pray this or that way I may miss the gift. Maybe that is a good case for an abiding faith in His Way. I believe the purpose of prayer, meditation, affirmations and contemplation is to open me up to His alignment and union with His Presence and His Action which is infinite not finite like mine. My part calls for faith in His grace. I need to stop dwelling in the useless chatter and let it flow by. I need to release my attachment to whoever or whatever. I need to look at the proof of His Presence which is any sign of life. I need to listen in silence to His Holy Voice. I am so grateful when I can feel His Presence and I experience a love deeper than words. It is important that I return to Him in an abiding faith when I cannot experience that most wonderful conscious contact and trust that He is doing for me what is best for me for now. I know there is always light even when I can see only darkness, like the sun is always shining, I only need to wait for the morning. Like the Prodigal son I can go off into a far country, the wilderness of my sub-conscious or un-conscious minds hidden in my personal "reality" where the sun is not shining. When I turn Home to our Father even before I can take a step His Light shows me the way Home. I know I am loved, I am wanted, and I have proof that I have His purpose to live. I have gifts to share - which are the fruit of an abiding faith in His grace. If I seem to be extra grateful here and now for His way, truth, light and life - it is because I am. I pray that I reach a point where I can express my love and gratitude without a special cause. I know my loving service is tiny compared to the great loving givers and servers. I am willing to give what I do have in their image and likeness; for that I am truly grateful.


1. When you are acting out like the Prodigal son (if you do) what do you experience when you turn back Home?

2. Can you recall a time that you had outlined in a prayer the way it should look and feel and that caused you to miss the fact that your prayer had already answered?

Random Awakening

Did you ever wonder where darkness goes when you turn on a light? Have you ever wonder where illusions go when you’re enlightened?