209 Youthful Characteristics?

209 Youthful Characteristics?

What are some of the characteristics of a Spiritual youth? Is it a state of mind or heart? I am told at times that I do not look or act like I'm 83 years old. I took a look at my driver license and the 83 was conformed – August 15, 1930. This morning I was reading about the characteristics of the youth (I added Spiritual youth) and I realized that our AA Program gives us a way of life that brings out those characteristics. Our life can make a good difference if we choose to live it and for sure if we live it to its fullness. Some of the characteristics of the Spiritual youth are: continue to grow, to expand our interest, seeking new ways to love and serve others, looking at old things with a fresh mind, heart and soul and wanting to improve everything. Of course we get snubbed and rebuffed at times but the Spiritual youth within us keeps on keeping on. I now have a greater interest and joy in living, loving and serving for its own sake and no need for a payback from others, our Boss tends to that. Our Program has given me a greater appetite for new ideas and new ways and a freedom from fixed ideas and Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social habits. I want to shout for joy went I awaken to our Father’s Presence and Action. Perhaps I am given the gift of the Spiritual youth characteristics, that I am grateful.


1. By living the AA way of life what are the youthful characteristics you are experiencing?

2. Which of the Spiritual characteristics do you experience?

Random Awakening

I am reminded that everything and everyone that comes into my consciousness has a God-given purpose.