213 Hero/Heroine Journey



213 Hero/Heroine Journey

A few hero/heroine thought starters.

Our Hero/Heroine love does not punish, only teaches

• The joy and inspiration of the Hero/Heroine’s Journey does not have to come from a great purpose or project – but is fulfilling and inspiring in the ordinary events - not just the extraordinary

• Will you let your consciousness transcend old habits of thoughts, ideas and ideals about who or what I hero or heroine is?

• Who were the heroes and heroines you shared with today?

• Can you now see the hero/heroine extraordinary and ordinary acts expressed by you and others?

• Remember that every breath you experience is proof of your Higher Power’s Presence/Action within each of us - isn't that an extraordinary event within our ordinary life?

• To dwell in disappointment is to live a lie which is not the Hero/Heroine’s Journey

• Now take a few deep breaths - Let your ordinary life events reveal your Hero/Heroine’s Journey filled with loving opportunities.

• For a more complete Hero/Heroine Journey click on workbooks for the new Hero/Heroine Journey Workbook.


1. We do not have to look too far to find heroes and heroines, who are your heroes and or heroines?

2. Have you accepted the hero or heroine within yourself?

Random Awakening

This is a take off from the Sanskrit Proverb, Look to this day. We have found it useful to change this day to whatever is of the most interest for now. We are offering a series of this idea that you may find useful to meditate on. Today we have chosen This Love.