207 Dragon Slayers

207 Dragon Slayers

Here is a bit of good news there are no dragons except the ones I made up. More good news our Higher Power isn’t bound by our limitations or the dragons we make up. I awakened to some good news this morning, our Father isn’t bound by my ideas, but I am blessed by His ideas when I accept them. Before anything can become simple for me I have to experience it first otherwise it’s just another bit of mental energy flowing about. I need to know who or what I am and then do that. I am reminded that I spent too much time worrying about Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social darkness dragons. In the Presence of the Divine Light darkness has no reality. There is darkness and dragons in my personal "reality" which I made up. I am reminded the Knights of old went out to kill the dragon and could not find one so they made one up. When I go out to fight my enemies, my dragons and cannot find one I can make one up and it seems real. When I don't experience the love I want from others, I can extend my love and then I can believe they must love me. When I demand that others love, respect and serve me I am likely to be disappointed but when I love, serve and respect others as if I am their loving brother that is enough to bring about my fulfillment. I choose to use my energy today to lovingly give away all I want and leave the not wanted to the dragon slayers. I now choose to leave the dragon slaying to our Father. When I find myself in a dark place I will turn to the Divine Light within me and open the door to His Omnipresent Light.


1. What do you do when you find yourself in darkness?

2. What do you do with the dragons you made up?

3. Who is the dragon slayer in your life?

Random Awakening

Al Kohallek has been getting all kinds of ideas what an angel is from some of his AA friends. 1. Like an immortal, spiritual being attendant on God. 2. More of a conventional representation of such a being in the image of a human figure with a halo and wings. 3. Maybe, A guardian spirit or guiding influence. 4. How about God's thoughts flowing through created beings to us. Then Lou-is his sponsor told him of his experience with everyday angels.