212 Good Morning Father

212 Good Morning Father

Just another affirmation to help me build into my personal "reality" what I want instead of what I do not want. Good morning Father - I am so grateful You choose to express Your Self through me as me even here and now. I am a tiny part of Your Whole. I realize Father You are the same Presence, Power, and Intelligence within me and within each of Your creations. By Your loving grace I intuitively know Your will for me now. Your will is no longer a mystery to me because I am, we are expressing You in his world of Yours. I look to You, Father for all I need to carry out my mission with love, even when I am in a dry place. I choose to seek and find the good (Your Presence or proof of Your Presence) within each of us. I say Your sacred Name - Father - as a greeting and reminder at each beginning that it is You within me doing the works we call life. I am conscious of Your Presence even for an instant. I love my mission that You gave and give me and the proof that love is to share each of my mission elements with whomever You draw me to. Once again I realize that I am grateful that I can make a tiny good difference in this moment - this day which You have made. Now I am consciously in that most wonderful mystical union with Your will for me.


1. How do you start your day and end your day?

2. Do you make a conscious contact with your Higher Power as soon as you wake up?

3. Do you use affirmations throughout the day to affirm what you want most in your life?

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