215 Great Idea

215 Great Idea

Do small things with great love (Mother Teresa). Let me live a life of loving service - let me go about it in the ordinary things of my purpose, my mission - not waiting for a big deal. If I cannot make a good difference in the small things, the ordinary daily things I will not be ready to do more or better loving service. As I learn to love and serve more I am preparing to love and serve more, a simple equation. I wasn’t given great talent when I came into this world, but I am willing to make the best out of what I was given. This is the reason Mother Teresa’s saying: "Do small things with great love" hits home. The new birth or transformation I seek comes not by observation or by loud proclamation. It comes by grace and through an inner sense of Reality, love. A great gift is the awakening to the Presence of our Father within doing the works we call life. It is useful for me to affirm this by living it, sharing my little part, my mission with great love. I stand at the door of my consciousness as a silent invisible witness within me, waiting for His knock at the door of my consciousness. I pray that I quickly open that door to His Presence and Action. I can seek and find that which I already am the created individual I am, that is more than enough.


1. How can you accept and live Mother Teresa’s suggestion: "Do small things with great love"?

2. Are you now willing to do whatever it takes to accept and live your true self?

Random Awakening

Al Kohallek asked Lou-is if he could begin his program again what would he do differently? He said - "If I had it to do over, I would ask more of God, more of the program, and more of myself sooner."