234 Drunk Dreams

 234 Drunk Dreams

Everything has a useful purpose – even drunk dreams


Yesterday at our meeting the question about having a drunk dream came up. I believe drunk dreams have two good things about it beyond the depressing or fearful stuff. One; I have never known anyone having a drunk dream that was drinking. Perhaps as important, it is revealing some of the conditions and causes that we drink over. For long-term peaceful, fulfilling sobriety we must address those conditions and causes as our Big Book suggest.

Early this morning I had a dream that brought up an old defect that I did drink over. This is one of my defects that has not been transform into an asset as some of my defects. This defect is like the drug guilt and punishment, I find myself using it sometimes well disguised; it has many masks to hide behind. Although I am not doing it in its grossest form but as my denial brakes down once again I see that I do practice it at times. This selfish – self-centeredness defect is also well disguised with many faces

I love sharing unconditionally with others the gifts I received living this AA way of life. To me I am sharing out of enlightened self-interest. Selfish and self-centered driven by fear and self-delusion was my pre-AA and early AA experience. As I began to have some Spiritual experiences the grosser forms of selfishness was replace with what I call enlightened self-interest. As I learned the AA way of life I realized that I got more out of doing for others rather than self-serving. For example I got more out of forgiving others than I did out of someone forgiving me. I found when forgave someone I knew that it was possible for me to trust that I would be forgiven. When I am loving or doing loving things for others, I believe that others will love me by doing loving things for me. In my dream I thought I was being lovingly helpful to another. It soon became clear that it was all about serving me and using another. In a few days I will celebrate 57 years (my sobriety date is 2/6/57) in this wonderful AA way of life, yet needing another upgrade.


1. What has been your experience with drunk dreams?

2. Can you name one of your defects that has been transform into an asset?

Random Awakening

This is a take off from the Sanskrit Proverb, Look to this day. We have found it useful to change this day to whatever is of the most interest for now. We are offering a series of this idea that you may find useful to meditate on. Today we have chosen This Relationship.