205 The Hidden Dark Side


205 The Hidden Dark Side

I’m trying to understand my dark violent image within my personal "reality." I have invested much my time and energy seeking a solution for my dark side, yet I know little about it, most of the time it is in hiding from my conscious mind. Unless it is in conflict with my Created self I don’t pick it up. I want and need to know and do our Father’s loving will but this dark side blocks that union. Perhaps I should say I want and need to do His will, consciously known or unknown by me. I have also invested a great deal into the dark side of my personal "reality". It is becoming clear why I have been unable to let the dark side go. I have used it as a protection; a myth that wrongdoers, the bullies would realize that I would punish them if they got out of line. Hopping that would to keep them away fearing that I would return to violence and punish them. My using fear of punishment to control others into being good is a far cry from what I wanted, which is loving, wise, useful and Spirit driven being. The way is now open, I pray, to live, to share my heart’s desire as a loving servant. The transformation I seek is done only by our Father's grace; I cannot earn it or cause alone and unaided.


1. Have you invested a great deal seeking a solution for your dark side?

2. Do you punish or withhold you love from wrongdoers or do you forgive them?

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