242 The Critic

 242 The Critic

My internal critic within is alive and well.


"Here I grow again" or is it "Here I go again" or "Here I am again" or "Here I ??? again". If I have no critics, I most likely have very little success. I need critics for my growth and realignment with my heart’s desire. My critic informs me when I am on or off my path. I do not have to rely on outside critics as I once did, I can handle that job all by myself. Oops, there’s my internal critic go off me again.

I was dreaming about completing the Book of Awakenings I am working on this morning and before I was fully awake my critic showed up again. My internal critic was judging me for not consistently working on it. To get "him" to leave me alone I promise myself I work on my Book of Awakenings today. If I don’t keep my promise to myself my internal critic will not leave me alone. He will report me to the Big Boss.


1. Which of your critics motivate you best, internal or external?

2. What do you do to get that critic off your back?

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