243 Ordinary Actions

 243 Ordinary Actions


Now I know that ordinary actions can transmit Divine Love expressed through each of us. I was caught up in a project trap last night and did not go to sleep until it was today. This is not an ordinary day for me. I had to move lots of books before I could finish my project. I did I read some interesting ideas while rearranging the books. Once again I saw how special many these writers were and are. I am grateful that these writers could express their ideas so well. This made me realize that what I have to offer is of little value compared with the great ones. I am reminded that our Father created more common people than He did the extraordinary gifted. That must mean He loves us best or just loves us enough to put up with us on our journey. Our common life gives us many opportunities for Spiritual growth in faith and love. Once again let us "do small things with great love" (Mother Teresa) - I am reminded that it is our Father within each of us doing the works called life. Our Higher Power’s infinite intelligence and love is ever present blessing each of us with great possibilities. We are molded in His image and likeness as individuals expressing Him in ordinary life experiences, which is proof of His Presence. Why not accept His gifts as is and not compare them with another. I have an abiding faith in His grace, wisdom, love and I do trust that He knows what He is doing. Let this be the day of our salvation, free to be as He created each of us in the most ordinary way. Perhaps this is the hero journey we long for in a special ordinary way


1. Can you accept yourself as is?

2. Do you compare yourself to extraordinary gifted people?

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