216 Giving What I Now Have

 216 Giving What I Now Have

I want to give now what I have that the time of giving is mine and not my inheritors. I am reminded this morning that I need only to give what I already have to experience the joy of life. It is easy for me to think that I must be spectacular in my sharing, so I can hold back until I am perfect. I have enough faith and trust in our Father to step out and share what He has already given me. In doing so in the ordinary things in my daily life my present faith turns into knowledge and experience. My joy and fulfillment is a side-effect just by sharing what I have now. As I share the love I am now wherever or with whomever I am with that love flows back to me. If I waited until I can share only unconditional love I may wait in vain. I tell myself if what I have to share was of real value I would be giving to more instead of a few. I am reminded that I have chosen the road less traveled. I realize that only a small percent want to go the extra mile(s). I pray that I am not fooling myself, but even if I am I cannot live my life differently. I ask You Father to use me up.


1. Do you share all you have and that is enough?

2. Is your giving conditional – if so how is it?

Random Awakening

Al, I understand that you are now sponsoring a newcomer, I am happy to hear that. I am reminded of my early years of sponsoring, I wanted to be the best sponsor in all AA. I asked many questions both in and out of meetings. I wanted everyone to know that I was a sponsor. I wanted to know how to do it perfect the first time-out. Of course I did not bring that information up during my sponsorship "investigation" meetings. I would like to share my experience and I have some suggestions.