249 Ready For Duty

249 Ready For Duty

Well here I am ready for duty, whatever that means.


I love Emmet Fox's message today; "Bear Hugs Kettle". It reminds me of me when I get into a negative cycle. Instead of letting go of the unwanted or harmful stuff I’ve be known to act like the bear's idea of defense to hug it to death. I realized this weekend that I am not going to be able to keep up the increasing demand (if it keeps up) on my physical service. I know that some of you will be more than happy to help out, but I find that I don't want to let go of something that brings me so much joy, for which I am grateful. Like the bear when trouble comes I find myself embracing what I don't want instead of what I do. No wonder I need a Second Step, I need restoring to sanity. What I am looking for goes beyond restoration I am seeking a Spiritually Transformed. "I say unto you also, Ask and it shall be given to you, seek, and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened to you" (Luke 11:9). I did and do ask. I did and I do seek. I did and I do find. I did knock and I do knock and it is always open to me. Before I am restored to sanity I often I have to hug the kettle. Now I am to turn Home to You, Father for direct directions. Now I am often compassionate to myself and others. I also remember that compass is about 70% of compassion. I seek and find His Compass, His guidance to follow. Now I affirm, I am looking for the good in every moment of this day, in what I seek, I find. I am so deeply grateful that my life can make a good difference. "Life is out to do me Good" (as one of members once said). Now I say yes to Your Presence, Father and I say yes to Your Action, Father - TYFCJHS


1. Do you sometimes hug your problems or quickly let them go?

2. When you are powerless over a problem what is your first reaction?

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