254 Service Opportunities

 254 Service Opportunities

Seems like old times – our members are seeking opportunities to serve.


Asked by our members: how to get more service opportunities, brought to mind my early days in AA. We would go anywhere for an opportunity to share what we were so freely given. I suggested that they ask, from the bottom of their hearts and with an open mind our Father to use them. In a short time our Father did just that, giving them someone to share with. "Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is." (Mark 13:33). In fact every moment is an opportunity to extend love openly or silently if we choose. What the world needs now is love, more love. The world needs you and I to express the love we are, bringing our gifts of love to all we are drawn to, and that is enough. I am as I was, as I am created and that is enough. I need not compare myself with the great givers, I am fulfilled enough giving what love I have now and that causes my gifts of love to grow. I am grateful I can make even a tiny good difference. I choose to detach from all that is not my mission and focus on what is now. I am reminded that our Program - Steps - Traditions - Service concepts may pass through the minds of our members and yet bypass their hearts. If it does not pass through our hearts we may sound good in meetings but our message will not be alive in Spirit and Truth. Let our sharing include our loving hearts as well as our minds - our bodies - our relationships - even our prayers and meditations. Ask with all your hearts, minds and soul our Father to use as the individual you are created as.


1. Are you willing and able to ask our Father to be used in service here and now?

2. Do you have enough service opportunities?

Random Awakening

At times I am sure that I am praying for my Higher Power’s will and deep down in my heart I know it is the perfect gift to ask for here and now, but no gift is forthcoming.