255 I Love Being Alive

 255 I love Being Alive

I remind the people I share the Program with that anytime we experience a Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional or socially high we will have a rebound. It seems like everything that was working stops or becomes useless or harmful.


Well my rebound came to the surface yesterday. I have been foolishly holding it off for a while but it finely had its way. I am reminded that every challenge is an answer to my prayers. It is our Father calling me to let go and let Him help me. If I do let Him help me I delve deeper and deeper into the truth of who I am and what is my purpose, my mission. I now can ask, once again; what is the one thing I love about being alive? My answer is; I can make a good difference daily if I only stay open to my relationship with our Father and all I am drawn to. Thank you Father for my purpose, my mission. I must stay open or reopen, the best I can during and after a rebound, a good time to take an honest self-inventory. I believe the rebound takes me through the same three temptations as my Hero Jesus went through: 1. I’m tempted to satisfy my body hunger (turn this stone into bread. I’m looking to magic instead of our Father's daily bread, a true miracle). I cannot devote my life just to satisfy my body hungers, I need to turn that temptation over to our Father. 2. I’m tempted to make a name for me; being the best missioneer ever. I am willing to share all ten of its elements as a miracle-maker. 3. I’m seeking the honor and praise of others. Proving my personal "reality" is powerful in the eyes of the world. These three false "rebounding needs" are: security, esteem, power. Today's test question once again; what is the one thing I love about being alive? Now my answer is to be the individual You created me to be Father. Now I choose to return to love, counting on our Father's tender love and mercy. Let me plant the seeds I want instead of what I don't want. Let me gather only the Divine vine ripe fruit to share and eat this day. I love working in our Father's field, which in truth is all fields when we awaken.


1. How do you handle the first temptation, security?

2. How do you handle the second temptation, esteem?

3. How do you handle the third temptation, power?

Random Awakening

Part of the healing process of our Program is to chip away all that is not our individual Created self.