258 Quest du jour

 258 Quest du jour

I find it helpful to start my day with the Quest du jour.


Most of the time my Quest du jour begins with a question. Today’s Quest du jour is an important question for me? Do I spend too much time on "just being realistic" about my powerlessness and unworthiness? I know that it is an Infinite Intelligence that created each of us and maintains us. I know I’m limiting my understanding of how our Father is doing the works we call life. Why not claim and affirm that I can draw on this Infinite Intelligence 24/7? Now I believe that we live, move and have our being as the fruit of this Infinite Intelligence. I choose to dwell on abundance instead of limitations. This shortcoming is an old habit of thoughts and feelings, not an unchangeable principle. Why not build a new habit? Why not practice the simple fact the only thing permanent is change. Now I choose to embrace a changed new habit of a conscious union with our Father within doing the works we call life. Even the most basic worldly nature demands the change in order that we may advance. When any change comes we should embrace it as a gift of love and welcome it as a wanted or prayed for event. Come let us be about our Father's changing Business. Instead of fearing the unknown I pray to awaken to the reality of Infinite unconditional love, life of our Father will always be beyond the finite human mind. Willingness to do what we’re directed to do in the present moment in His Presence is enough. I am dedicate, devoted and committed to do our Father's will for me, consciously known or unknown. How can I practice that if I am closed to change? My human condition has to be open and ready to embrace His will. I willing let go of yesterday's limited express of His life flowing in, around and through me, through all. When I say Father use me up this day I inherently accepting that I must die daily and be reborn daily. I should fear more being stuck in my present limitation than His Unknown. We may as well trust in Him because He is going to have His way as each of us. Why not enjoy the serendipity journey? "Let Your...love surround us, Lord" (Psalm 33:22) -"There is a silence into which the world cannot intrude. There is an ancient peace you carry in your heart and have not lost." A Course In Miracles


1. Does your Quest du jour begin with a question?

2. Do you spend too much time on "just being realistic" about your powerlessness and or unworthiness?

3. Are you spending more and more time and energy on building new habits?

Random Awakening

The unleashing of my negativity started its latest round Sunday with the TV program 60 Minutes. It confirmed my fears that our world leaders are so powerless in the presence of the worldwide violence and corruption.