267 Enlightened Reasons To Love All

 267 Enlightened Reasons To Love All

Who is the most important person to love? The one that comes to mind. When is the best time to love anyone? Now. Where is the best place to love someone? Here.


I recall Emmet Fox wrote: "Each of us is every character in the Bible." I may add; if not in this current life we will come back in this human condition again and again until we make the rounds. Now here is something you and I could meditate, think about today. If that statement is True/true; then it’s wise to love our Father first and love all others as if they are ourselves because they are or have been our will be. Hmmmmmm! I don't love others just for their sake but for the sake of my own enlightened self-interest. Any withholding love from another is withholding that love from me. There is only One life and I am, we all are part of that One Life/life/Love/love. When something loveless occurs I choose to quickly forgive and return to Love/love, for that is my salvation. Faith in our Father's grace gives me the ability to endure the gap between Love and lovelessness. Come let us love one another here and now.


1. Do you believe that we have a chance to play every character in life?

2. Are there still some people you cannot or will not love?

Random Awakening

This is a take off from the Sanskrit Proverb, Look to this day. We have found it useful to change this day to whatever is of the most interest for now. We are offering a series of this idea that you may find useful to meditate on. Today we have chosen This Prayer.