217 Seeking A New Transformation

217 Seeking A New Transformation

I’ve being seeking a new transformation, hoping that it would come as an overpowering experience. Perhaps the clouds would open and I would hear His Holy Voice say, this is my beloved son in whom I am well-pleased. That would fill my heart with love beyond and deeper than words. That would fill my mind with His divine wisdom, blessing me with that infinite flow of intuition. That would give me the gift of Spiritual Discernment I yearn of. That would enable me to unconditional and conditional love His creations. Then a clear channel and agent of His healing, making us whole once again. I would be an unbound teacher of His love. There is no need to forgive anyone because I no longer had the judgment that calls for forgiveness. I would have the willingness and ability to do His will. I would pass "it" on even if I did not consciously know what that "it" was. It is enough to know it always has a purpose here and now, that helps. I enjoy the enlightenment that comes with the vision of our Higher Self within each of us. I want to communicate His living word as I am directed. I want to share the vine ripe fruit of a loving faith in His grace. Love is the fruit of faith that is always in season. I want to awaken in His Presence without shame or guilt. A Spiritual transformation is the restructuring of consciousness. It is not a flash of light that goes up in smoke. This restructuring is the Spiritual Journey a hero’s journey. My mission of loving service is for me to live move and have my being as He wills. For this Holy Instant let me be still and know You Father are Omnipresence within each of us doing the works of my, our restructuring. This is the day as is every day my salvation, so let me enjoy it as is. Then I awaken from a deep dream.


1. Have you ever had a burning desire for something and dreamed about it and that dream was so real it was difficult to deal with when you did wake up?

2. Do you believe that everything has a purpose, even if you cannot understand it?

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