269 Love - Our Common Purpose


269 Love – Our Common Purpose

We are only as great as we express our loving service.


Then He said to her, "Your sins [errors, mistakes, defects] are forgiven...Your faith has saved you [from you]. Go in peace." I have longed to hear that and experience His embrace plus called a friend for years. A friend as its most basic meaning is that we have a common purpose, goal or cause. We are only as great as our loving service is expressed. Every day expressions of love: patience, kindness, generosity, humility, courtesy, unselfishness, good temper, good sense of humor, sincerity, and innocence. These simple acts of love we are able to share pay off great dividends. Let us not defer or delay these opportunities because we will not pass this way again. Our life is not just the passing of time but it is our gifts of love and service we share. Freely we are given and freely we give; this is the True flow of life's loving energy. It is so True that our love is a healing power touching everything-one into wholeness. Our love is an expression of His Love. Give now and the time of giving is yours and not your inheritors. Come let us first love our Father and in the same motion love one another.


1. Would you be willing to contact someone today that want to express the love you are but have not?

2. What are your special gifts of love you are withhold?

3. Why have you deferred or delayed sharing the love you long for?

Random Awakening

"What I found were "coincidences" which were connected so meaningfully that their "chance" concurrence would be incredible." C.G.Yung