220 Petty Rights And Wrongs

220 Petty Rights And Wrongs

What I can do, let me do it with joy. What I cannot do let me quickly surrender it over to my Higher Power, I choose to call, Father. I waste too much time and energy on the petty wrongs or not doing the petty rights. They are no shame in not being perfect. There is a problem in thinking I am not loved or valued because I fall short of perfection. I need not overrate my efforts, good or bad. I am responsible for my actions and decisions and their consequences. But when it all comes out in the wash life comes by grace. Doing the best I can is enough if I turn the results over to our Higher Power. It is enough for me to be willing to do His will, consciously known or unknown. My trying to stay open to our Father's love and grace is wise and useful as long as I do not count on earning it. I remind myself that all of my efforts; Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and social depend His grace. The degree of divine union or wholeness I reach bears no proportion to my effort; it is a gift of love. My loving service is the fruit of my faith in my Higher Power I choose to call Father. Service without seeking any return characterizes the ultimate Reality of grace, a wonderful goal. For now my ever day loving service or just service has to be ok until I am transformed by Your grace, Father. I want to do the best I can and to remember it is You, Father within me/us doing the works, here I am Father use me up.


1. How much of you time and energy do you waste or the petty stuff?

2. What do you believe your part is and what is your Higher Power’s

Random Awakening

If we would busy ourselves giving away everything we want, like love, forgiveness, kindness, understanding, we would find ourselves living the life we dreamed of.