271 Easter

 271 Easter

My journey from the tomb to the promised awakening of our Program is now my Spiritual journey being fulfilled.


As I prepare for this day of celebration for my Hero Jesus the Christ’s resurrection I enter the solitude and silence, a place I love. I am still and wait on our Father with loving attention. This morning is Easter so it is as if I am waiting outside the tomb [my personal "reality"] for my Hero Jesus the Christ's awakening and raising of my Spiritual Christ consciousness, the individual our Father created me as. "I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly." I am seeking the resurrection accomplished by the quickening power of the Holy Spirit, Holy Consciousness, Holy Voice. Each time we rise to the realization of our Father's Presence and experience that mystical union, even for an instant, the resurrection with the Christ within takes place. Too often my Hero Jesus the Christ does not get the credit from most of us in the Program. He has always been our silent invisible Way-Shower and our Helper because our Program based on His Way, Truth, Light and Life. Today let that Light of Truth illumine my mind, heart and soul. With my love and gratitude I say thank You my Hero. This morning I thought of the butterfly's journey, which I love much because I can identify with its journey. Like me from my self-imposed prison it turns to mush as if dead. The butterfly comes out of its tomb transformed into a different creature, as I was. The butterfly journey reminds me of my pathway to my recovery. This morning I can say this is a resurrection to a Spiritual Christ Consciousness, the awakening promised in our Program. The question this morning is not how I will die but how I will live. I choose to live the way I am directed by our Father within, the Spiritual Principles of our Program.


1. What do you identify your Spiritual?

2. The question today is this, are you more concerned with the way you will die or the way you live?

Random Awakening

This is a take off from the Sanskrit Proverb, Look to this day. We have found it useful to change this day to whatever is of the most interest for now. We are offering a series of this idea that you may find useful to meditate on. Today we have chosen This Action.