221 Forgiveness The Pathway To Freedom

 221 Forgiveness The Pathway To Freedom

We cannot continue to grow unless we deal with forgiveness. Whomever or whatever we hold bound is to hold ourselves bound. I am choosing to focus on one element of my mission at a time. I started with forgiveness last night and am still on it. Of course I had to do something I need forgiveness for so I can feel it as an ongoing reality. That’s what I am telling myself, as if I had to go out of my way to do something wrong or not do something right so I could experience forgiveness. Being over concerned about forgiveness means I’m overdosing on guilt and punishment. That is a sign of the hero who punishes the wrongdoer, instead of the loving hero in the divine union I want. I believe that our Father is always ready to give us our inheritance of love, which is the fruit of His grace. I must think I that I have to beg for it or earn it. He is so near to me to us being within each of us doing His works called life. I sometimes think I am far away from Him, like the Prodigal Son. He is at Home, Omnipresent; I’ve gone off in a far country. It is better for me to dwell in His love, not my "crimes" or illusions of separation. Yes, forgiveness is ok when I have done a perceived wrong or I’ve not right I should have. To be over grateful for that forgiveness is to discount His loving mercy and grace. Stuck in the need for forgiveness or my unwilling to give only delays my mission. Now I choose to accept it and move on.


1. Is there anyone you are unwilling or unable to forgive?

2. Have you forgiven yourself?

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