276 I'm Blocking Me

 276 I’m Blocking Me

I am so willing to let go of my negativity, fear and anger, the price is way overinflated.


When I awakened this morning I was fully aware of how much I want to live the rest of my life giving and receiving love and some useful effective service. It was clear the only one that can block me is me. I could see how even a little self-righteous anger takes away I want and need. I am choosing once again to learn how to make judgments that do not call for the need for forgiveness. I understand for me to carry out this desired judgment alone and unaided is out of the question. It calls for the loving mercy and grace from our Father within. I pray that He is demonstrating this love and mercy in around and through me, even here and now. For me this is sure proof of His loving Presence. When I can see His Presence through the eyes of faith I am encouraged to trust Him for all I have not seen. "All the words used in the process of healing are for the purpose of building up the realization that "I am is in the midst of thee."" (SOM) I am reminded that our first language, silence goes deeper than words. We can choose to enter that silence seeking the love we are and that mystical union with His Omnipresent. By this simple decision and by His grace our faith grows and purified. We can experience the trust we need to gather the ripening love. Come let us gather this vine ripe fruits of love and share it. When we are seeking our Father's will we are seeking Him, in other words we are seeking love, for He is love. "I desire to do your will, O my God..." Psalm 40.8 Come let us go within seeking our Father Presence as He is doing the works we call life and love we will never come up empty-handed.


1. Who’s blocking you – holding you back?

2. What percentage of your time and energy do you spend on love, giving or receiving?

Random Awakening

The great Healer within each of us through our Program is removing obstructions and creating an environment where the natural Healing takes place.