280 Today Is A Feast Day

280 Today Is A Feast Day

I am so grateful that I have the tools in which my life can make a difference.


Today is a feast day. I intend to feast on what I want. For example I am focusing on practicing each of my ten mission elements. I am fasting from everything contrary to these elements. I am sharing all the love I can with whoever comes to mind. I am using the skills I’m given. I am choosing one or more of the Six Loves to share. I am acting on this present love, action is the magic word. For more information on the six loves go to www.12stepworkbook.org – click on Workshops then Six Loves. I am practicing healing treatments as called for. As a healing treatment I am realizing the individual Divine Design within each of us. I am teaching some of what I’ve been taught. I am forgiving all of all as soon as I realize I am holding someone bound, even if that someone is me. Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient is within each of us doing the works called life. His grace enables us to do His will, our heart's desire. I am sharing the enlightenment I am given here and now, calling on His Omniscience. I am enriching the consciousness of those I share with as I am directed from within. I am communicating with those I am drawn to in our first language, silence and openly as called for. By my demonstrating my mission elements I am walking my talk. I am awakening with those I share with the Reality of Life. This is a lot to practice but it is worth it and is possible because I am working for and through our Boss. It is the Boss I am co-creating with, that is doing what I believe is His will for me. This is a wonderful day to feast, please join me. We’re blessed with an abundance of everything we need to complete our mission, our heart’s desire.


1. When you have a feast day what do you feast on?

2. When you have a fasting day what do you fast from?

Random Awakening

I never quick anything that was bad for me the first time I found out it was. Why am I able to let go of some of my addictions or problem and not others?