324 Miracles Abounding

 324 Miracles Abounding

O where – O where have our miracles gone? We only need to open our heart’s eyes of faith to witness a Life filled with the grace of miracles.


Miracle mindedness will help us open to everyday miracles. Having the eyes of faith insures our experiencing miracles. Realizing the Infinite Power, Love and Wisdom that created each of us with a purpose is always Present, that’s a miracle. What we call life; breathing, moving about this world in this body having our being/Being, now that’s a miracle. At times we make life, which is a miracle, seem too hard and too special. I have a burning desire for my life to make a good difference. I realize I am the one that is making it seem difficult. Hidden under that illusion is the belief that it is up to me, alone and unaided. Now I believe that it is a loving outpouring of our Father Grace, unearned. Because miracles are special, at some level I believe they have to be difficult. When I open my hearts eyes of faith in His grace I see miracles as Omnipresent. Now I stop, I look and listen, sure enough my life, all life are miracles abounding. It’s a brief journey within my consciousness; a shift from my personal "reality" to a union with You and Yours Father where miracles abound. I can and I do often make that journey difficult. I can choose to go for the simple path, our Father's path/will. Now I choose His path. Our Father, our Higher Power will always say; "Here I Am." Whenever we get around to it, it will be now. Let us not say to our Father: "I'll do it later."


1. How many miracles have you personally experienced or witnessed?

2. Are you able to shift from your personal "reality" to your High Self or Higher Power?

3. Do you asked for miracles throughout the day?

Random Awakening

I believe that Alcoholics Anonymous is a Spiritual way of life. As the result of working the Steps and daily living them we are Spiritually Awakened.