323 Spread Love

 323 Spread Love

Until I came to the AA I never saw or heard much wisdom. Of course not being able to read had a lot to do with that. Once able to read I could not get enough. I took the suggestion from the Big Book: "Be quick to see where religious people are right. Make use of what they offer." Alcoholics Anonymous page 87 - Not only am I open to this wonderful wisdom but I seek it out.


I love Mother Teresa's sharing: "Spread love everywhere you go let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." That’s a great goal to demonstrate 24/7; my inability to do it leaves a lot to be desired. As part of my prep work each morning I am reading just one paragraph at a time in the Twelve and Twelve as I did with the Big Book. Every day those readings hit the mark, as do my other morning readings. "No human being, however good, is exempt from these troubles...misdirected instinct." page 42 - then Fox's reading: "Step by Step" - "The scientific attitude is to see the stepping stone as stepping stone, bless it, and give thanks for it and to continue praying for the next step." The next opportunity to spread love I may add. Then: "A thousand unseen hands reach down to help you from their peace-crowned heights. And all the forces of the firmament shall fortify your strength." Ralph Waldo Trine. Then: "Whoever becomes receptive to the idea of peace, poise and calm ...whoever embodies these divine realities...becomes peaceful, poised and calm." [Spreading love I may add] The Science of Mind - Page 151. Then: …as we face our defects as we meditate, in the stillness, they are be evacuated by grace." Father Keating. Then: "God...called you out of darkness into His wonderful light..." 1 Peter 2:9-10. Then: "Never let the fear of striking out get in your way." Babe Ruth - There were some other readings but you get the idea of our Father's ever Present guidance. I am not asking our Father to change my circumstances but who I am within them. I start my day being part of these gifts that I am to share. I go apart with our Father in prayer and meditation. I am joined to others through their writings. I do this prep work so that I can be about our Father's will and part of His grace to demonstrate His wisdom.


1. Do you practice a daily prep work consistently?

2. What are some of the books that inspire you?

3. Are you spreading the love daily?

Random Awakening

This is Day Twenty-nine of Lou-is' 40-Day feasting on his individual heart's desire, which is something he wants to attain and to fast from everything, which is unlike it. This project is to build the Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social equivalent or container to enable him to change and keep that change, by practice. I am dedicating one of my daily practices for each of the major characteristics of my mission. TODAY: PROMPTLY ADMITTED