218 Conserving Time and Energy

218 Conserving Time and Energy

The older I get the more I have to take into account how I use my time and my energy. I find I have to conserve it for what’s most important to me. When I was much younger I did not even think about conserving anything much less time or energy. I can see clearly one of the ways our Higher Power teaches us about living in the presence in His Presence, to help fine-tune our purpose in this life. It was pointed out yesterday that when I fall in to a negative ditch I need to get up and out ASAP, quickly forgiving all and move on. I cannot afford to dwell in anything but love by sharing my little mission. Now I am preparing for my unseen journey (A Real Spiritual Journey), that comes from my heart out into the world of expression, giving my Higher Power the glory. Who ever said: "Life is too short to waste even a moment" must have been an elder who had wasted too much time and energy.


1. Do you conserve your time and energy for the most important?

Random Awakening

When I receive one the gifts that symbolize my created individual Self I need to pass it on. I intuitively realize that I cannot claim it as mine until it is demonstrated.