219 Living Amends

219 Living Amends!

I’m on making living amends kick this morning. As I look around I notice the "lower" creators don’t seem concerned with making living amends. They are just living, fulfilling their individual purpose without any fanfare or demanding credit for doing their job. Perhaps living amends is just doing our job. Our Higher Power’s Divine Design for each of us is our job, just being ourselves, now, that fires my imagination. I believe our individual purpose is a shadow of His Holy attributes flowing through each of us out into this world. I believe each breath – decision – action we take effects the world a tiny bit. We are given an opportunity to be loved, healed, taught, forgiven, and awakened and a chance to share these gifts with others. Living Amends; to your own self be true and encourage others to do the same. Let us share that which is passed on to us from the Higher Power within, flowing from our heart up and out into the world.


1. Have you made all of your amends?

Random Awakening

It must be the common misuse of words like self-love, self-gratification and self-interest that too often cause us to miss the Divine intent hidden within.