222 Yes

222 Yes

Today let us say yes to everything we experience in a positive way. Let us focus our yes on those things want. "Yes, is a sure sign affirming of my living, loving gratitude." "I say yes to my awakening as I turn to You, Father." "I say yes for the love and gratitude I am now experiencing." "Yes, I am devoted; yes I am dedicated, yes I am committed to do Your Will, Your love Father." "Yes, I am receiving all I need to carry out it." "Yes, I am receiving all I need to rewrite and rewire my personal "reality" in concert with Reality." "Yes, I am listening to Your Holy Voice, Father directing me in a way I can currently hear, understand and follow." "Yes. I share all my gifts with whomever You will, Father. Every time I say, yes my consciousness expands at all levels. "My yes is confirming with my Source everything is possible." "Yes, I am responding to love, I am living, loving this moment." "Yes, I am expressing loving, constructive feelings, energizing me." "Yes, I am celebrating Breath Day, grateful for every breath, inhaling the gift of life and expelling what is spent." "Yes my life has meaning; leading others to say, yes. "Come let us say yes to the love we are, living, loving one breath at a time. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.


1. How do you feel when you say yes?

2. Are you willing to say yes to all you believe good the rest of this day?

Random Awakening

I thought of Dr. Bob and Bill Wilson, two social outcasts (two nuts) who stood their ground