228 First Choice

228 First Choice

I am responsible for my decisions and actions.  My first choices each day will influence my actions.   The start of each day begins with a choice.  Who will I serve this day?  Am I choosing to bring light into a world of darkness made up of fear and selfishness that has forgotten love?  Do I choose to see with the eyes of faith in our Father’s grace the love we are?  Can I see beyond the vail of darkness a cry for love or a cry for help?  Shall I declare war or do I choose to declare love, peace, our Father’s will beyond illusions of not love?  Do I choose to extend love to the seemingly loveless?  Am I now choosing to communicate the love we are?  Do I realize that I can only point toward that love?  I cannot cause another to experience it.  I now choose to return to love in our first language, silence, until I am able to be completely open.  I am reminded that hate will not cease with more hate.  My love can be a healing power touching everything into wholeness when it flows from the heart of our Father into my heart out into the world.  I choose to be teachable.  Let me learn how to live, to love once again.  I am seeking an upgrade so I can be more useful – loving.



  1. Are you still blaming others for your failures? 
  2. If so what are these?

Random Awakening

I have a new project on my mind and I cannot think of anything else. “Behind every problem or difficulty lies the Truth of Being.” Fox