224 Who What When Where

224 Who What When Where

Who am I? Why am I here now? Where am I? What shall I do, say, think or feel? When will I get answers for the questions given to me to ask? No wonder I think I need daily guidance and supplies for today’s unknown mission. Something within me is telling me to turn to our Father within me for the what, when, were and whom answers. My personal "reality" thinks it knows the answers to such simple questions, but his answers are too limited and based on the past illusions. I want to deliberately think of our Father and His will for me today. I want to focus my interest in Him and His ways for me today. I want to get underway on His unknown, to me, journey for this day. Let me let go of those questions I asked this morning. Let me trust my creator to give His angels charge over me in all my ways. Let my relationship with You Father develop into ever deeper levels of intimacy, expanding my ability to love and to serve.


1. Can you answer the question, who are you?

2. What is you mission or purpose in this life?

Random Awakening

Al Kohallek asked his sponsor, Lou-is what everyday miracles were and Lou-is replied; it was a miracle that I was willing to go to A.A. meetings everyday in the beginning. I let someone help me and then I passed that on was a miracle. I found myself not thinking of myself 24/7 that was a miracle. I was facing some of my fears and not running away, that was a miracle. When I pay attention to what others are sharing in meetings I am able to identify, that is a miracle. In other words spiritual recovery is an everyday miracle.