226 Thy Love Be Done

226 Thy Love Be Done

I want to practice "Thy Will Be Done" throughout this day by saying "Thy Love Be Done". I recall an old childhood game of Hid and Seek. I want to seek and find the great treasure of love at all levels. I know that I have hidden too much of the love I want for a longtime. I will use my inner guidance system today, to tell me when I am on the right tract. When I'm getting closer to that deeper love I will feel the warmth. When I am moving away from it I will feel cold and detached. Do you want to play? If so, a good place to start is with; Thy Love Be Done" and then let's pay attention to our hot and cold signals. Now is a great time to start.


1. Have you found that great treasure of love?

2. Do you believe God is love? If you do then anytime you experience love you are experiencing God.

Random Awakening

One alcoholic sharing recover with another is a good example of one heart touching another. Come let us be about our Father’s Business.