225 Love and Gratitude

225 Love And Gratitude

I want to express the love and gratitude I have for our Father and His Son. I would like to be a poet or wordsmith but I am not. My Hero had/has the relationship with our Father that I long for. It reminds me how jealous I was of my dad and brother's relationship and the love they had for one another. My older brother was special to my dad and I was an embarrassment. Perhaps at best I could be a Prodigal Son. When the Prodigal Son turned toward home his Father came out to meet him, embraced him, blessed and honors him. For many years I competed with the myth I made up about my dad and brother. We are individualized expressions of our Father coming into this world with His purpose and meaning. That is what each of us has to share, our individual created self. We never have to compete with one another.


1. Are you able to express the love you are?

2. When do you experience gratitude?

Random Awakening

Father, I can accept You hid the giant oak tree inside an acorn. Why is it so difficult for me to accept You hid Your Presence and our Higher Selves within each of us?