231 The Tide Flows In and Out

 231 The Tide flows In and Out

Today's reading from Emmet Fox is perfect for me: "The tide flows in and out", it's about our Spiritual unfoldment. We are on an upward path for a while, and then we have a setback [an understatement]. Fox reassures us that we will be ok if our general movement is forward. My experience tells me to agree with that. My theme for the new workshop has two parts. Part one is; what is it about me that is saying no to living what I believe is my created purpose? Part two is; what is it about me that is saying no to loving myself? Into the second week of the workshop I changed the no to yes and no. I came up with a make fun of name that fits the bill; "Al Duplex". Yesterday Al Duplex lived up to his name: he was (I was) loving and useful sometimes and I was useless and unloving to others and myself some of the time.

Random Awakening

We are all students and teachers. We are teachable students for our heart’s desire, driven toward it by our Higher Self.