235 Today's Agreement

 235 Today’s Agreement

Without my heart’s desire; that mystical Divine union with our Father and His will 24/7, I agree today not to seek replacements, quick fixes. I agree to dwell on the right side of Al Duplex. I agree not to complain about the darkness I am willing to turn on a light. When I turn on the light where does the darkness go? I agree not to give into any of my known temptations. I agree not to be self-righteous to the extent that I will not be merciful to me and others when we fall into a ditch. I agree to focus my attention on our Father’s intention this present moment in His Omnipresence. In the presence of His Omnipotence where does my powerlessness go? In the presence of His Omniscience where does my not knowing go? Our Father within is doing the works called life. He must be closer than our breathing because He is the cause of our breathing. I cannot understand why His Presence is such a mystery to me. I am still in the habit of calling His name, Father when I am in need. Whomever we call out to automatically when in need or joyful must be the name of our guardian angel. The name of my guardian Angel must be Father. Thy Love be done.

Random Awakening

Lies have a shelf life. Most of our lies are fear based and will pass away if we will let them and not stuff another termite.