237 I'm Reminded

 237 I’m Reminded

I am reminded that everything and everyone that comes into my consciousness has a God-given purpose. Sometimes I realize presently, sometimes later and sometimes never consciously understanding its purpose. In fact it may seem so contrary to my worldview that I cannot or will not agree with the need for it. This is a good reason for me to trust in our Father’s wisdom not mine. It is a great blessing to trust in Him and have an abiding faith in His loving grace. I didn’t want to see the purpose for these, but I can use them to remind myself of the Truth of life. I did not create myself nor do I maintain myself alone and unaided. It is the Father within me doing the works called life. I can accept that I have more than enough to carry out my limited mission, and not try to compete with any other. As I turn Home within to our Father I am asking Him to introduce Himself to me, as I stand before Him as a silent invisible witness. I am waiting for His Presence to prepare me for His loving service, bring me closer to Him. I pray that I am not waiting in vain. I realize how limited I am, I need not limit our Father’s works expressed through each of us.

Random Awakening

Every day is a serendipity journey so let’s prepare for it and let our Higher Power prepare us.