240 Self-Inflicted Wounds

 240 Self-inflicted Wounds

My wounds, lack and limits are self-inflicted. Yes there are times when other people are part of the wounding and withholding, but even those I question. Somehow I draw others to fulfill my sick self-centeredness or self-pity. Blaming other humans is one thing but to blame You - Father for my wounds, lack and limits is the killer. When I made an amends to my dad I could see his anguish and frustration as he said; "Son what do you want". I replied; nothing, because I knew he could not give me the same love he was giving my brother whom he dearly loved and valued above all else. I’ve been doing the same with You, Father, blaming You for my lack of love and value. I’ve been unable to be the individual You created me to be consistently. Father, You are my/our only True Source. I believe that You want us to be what You intend. I believe that You have already supplied us with all we need to carry out Your Will. I need to learn how to accept and use that supply. I want so much to be the loving son You created. Once again I am as the Prodigal Son turning Home, have mercy on me once again. I believe that my given mission calls for me to be a healed healer healing the wounded – the afflicted, self-inflicted or not. Let me pick up the tools You have given me and carry out Your Will, Father. Thy Love be done.

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We are only as great as we express our loving service.