266 Our Father is Love

 266 Our Father Is Love

I realize that our Father is love, which means that we are love. How can I express my love here and now? I need not wait or withhold, for I may not pass this way again. I can be myself, both sides of Al Duplex. I can offer some loving service to someone. I am praying that my love and service is not an endangered species list. I will not delay any longer. The crisis of faith is a time to ask for help and surrender. I am asking for help at each beginning when I start off with my sacred word, FATHER. I am preparing the ground I am given. I am planting the seed I am given. I am tending to these plants until harvest time, which is now. I am gathering the vine ripe fruit. I am nourished as I share this fruit in the silence of my soul. If you will, come join me at this feast. Thy Love be done.

Random Awakening

Yes, when I came to the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous I was emotionally childish, but treated like an adult.