279 Where are the other nine

279 Where are the other Nine?

Only one turned back to give thanks. "Ten were healed where are the other nine." I chose the road less traveled many years ago, not long after coming in the Program. I was asked what I would do different if I could do my life over. I replied: I would ask more of our Higher Power, more of the Program and more of myself. I’m given the means to do just that. I am an AA-coholic, a work-coholic and an alcoholic. My workbooks and my workshop reflect those characteristics, perhaps too much work and too much thought provoking. I am grateful for the Internet; there are lots of "tens" to draw "ones" from. I do break the "golden rule" of keep it simple in an attempt to uncover the depth of our Program. I believe the only time anything becomes simple; is when we experience whatever that subject is. It is simple to stay sober for most of us after living the Twelve Steps sober. It is simple to trust our Higher Power after when we experience a few ever-day miracles. It is simple to have faith when our prayers are answered giving us a natural increase our faith. It is simple when it is simple but not until it is simple. Trying to pretend it is simple before it is, simply not a good idea. For me I must practice these Spiritual Principle in all my affairs. In doing so it brings be to a cross road that will take me to a depth of life I long for. I choose not to set still and wait at the cross road in the shadows of our mighty Program, but I choose to turn toward the light and to take the road less traveled. Thy Love be done.

Random Awakening

When SeaWorld first opened I took one of my grandsons to watch training the whales. I leaned a simple lesson that can be used in most relationship.