245 Other's Suffering

245 Other’s Suffering

I have been caught up in other people’s suffering and how helpless I am to do anything about it. That must be an expression of love. I am feeling part of the human condition instead of separation. I can offer a Spiritual treatment, letting our Higher Power do for us what we cannot. For a long time I believed myself to be a loner, separate from other humans. I always loved creators of all types; I felt I could trust them to be what they were intended to be. I did not trust humans. I realize now I do not have to trust myself or any other human alone and unaided. I can and do turn to our Higher Power within each of us, the true meaning of repent. I have always loved solitude; a peaceful loving place to be. Solitude is not a place of loneliness or separation but a place I can go apart in harmony. It is a place where I can prepare to carry out my mission service. A person that tries to live alone cannot succeed as a human being. Yet, I still have times when I want to withdraw from the outer world. Sometimes I do withdraw in the constructive way of solitude. Sometimes I desire to be separate and withdrawn from people, but not for long. My heart withers if it does not share the love I am. In solitude I turn to the Higher Power within that is doing the works we call life. Thy Love be done.

Random Awakening

My mission purpose effectiveness depends on You, Father as my only True Source. “Let dawn bring news of Your faithful love,