148 "The Real World"

 148 "The Real-World"

Are you tired of hearing; "That will never work." Most of us could make a long list of negative stuff we told ourselves or told by others. "It will never work." – "Are you trying to be perfect?" – "Get real." – "You think you’re better than everyone else." – "The real world is not ready for Spiritual Truth." – "You think you’re God?" – "The real world calls for punishment." – "Don’t have what it takes, a lot better than you have failed." – "You don’t have higher education." This list is endless. For years our humor is to drag people down. Plus anyone that does well at anything becomes a target. The inhabitants of the "real world" are pessimistic. "Whatever can go wrong will go wrong." Our pessimistic attitude is an excuse. It’s a justification for giving up or not trying. Do we have to remain stuck, just because we have lived our life in that pessimistic, depressing "real world?" The answer is simple but not easy, we can practice the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous in all our affairs. In other words we can own our old habits of thoughts and feeling and by grace we can build a new productive, positive attitude. Learning to extend what we want and letting go what we don’t. To avoid the defeatism, gloomiest possible view and advise of others we may start the rebuilding consistently using the first language of our Higher Power silence.


1. Are you tired of this "real world" and willing to let it go?

2. What can you do to build a more positive, loving and wise habit of thoughts and feelings?

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